inspired: caramelized onion and sweet potato tart

Every now and then, I will post recipes from other blogs that I try and love. I won't take the time to paste the recipes here because I feel that the blogger who developed such delectable goodness ought to get the well-deserved traffic.

I have been drooling over this recipe for months wondering if I had the courage to make it. It looked so pretty and I didn't think I could do it justice. Today, I took the plunge.

It is amazing. Thanks to this new recipe, I have a new obsession with caramelized onions. Seriously. Completely obsessed. It was all I could do not to eat the whole pan.  

Does anyone have any caramelized onion recipes? Please, help me. Otherwise, I may just eat a pan of plain caramelized onions without thinking about it. I need more caramelized onion recipes. Please share yours.

Romantic Additions
DO: Give the sweet potatoes plenty of time to soften. It took a lot longer than the 8 minutes detailed in the recipe, but I'm glad I waited. Otherwise, the gooey, sweet potatoes would have just been hard and starchy.

DON'T: Use pizza crust instead of the puff pastry. I couldn't find it at the store and had frozen pizza crust at home, so I tried it. It wasn't bad, but I picture it better with a flaky crust.

FOR ME: I adore feta cheese on pizza. ADD IT to yours.

What are you waiting for?  
Head over to Fresh365 and give it a try!

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